Liaisons 1 — In the Name of the People

The current populist backlash confounds old divisions and destabilizes political struggles. It indicates the urgency of developing a shared perspective regarding phenomena unfolding on a planetary scale. While much of the left tries to combat this authoritarian turn through their own “left populism”, other forces refuse such an easy answer to the age’s desperation, choosing to navigate, in a radically different way, the troubled waters of our time.

Liaisons I examines numerous instances of this populist wave through the responses of political collectives writing from their own experiences and local strategies of resistance. In this first issue, friends from France, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Quebec, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Ukraine, and the United States respond to this question: how is populism embodied in our worlds, and how do those of us who struggle relate to it?


In the Name of the People

Table of Contents